Orioles infield set… well almost!

The Orioles have an ace defense, probably the best in MLB, but one postion they are still debating on…who will be their second baseman? Now that Brian Roberts is gone, we potentially have four second basemen on the line. Jamile Weeks (we got him from the A’s), Alexi Casilla, Ryan Flaherty and Johnathon Schoop are all possible choices for 2nd base. They are all good but, I think what Buck is looking at is how they bat. Flaherty has the best batting average with .224, he also has the highest amount of home runs with 10. They all have a pretty good on base percentage. I think they should pick Ryan Flaherty, even though he needs to improve his batting, he knows the team well and is a steady infielder. The O’s are in for a great year. Let me know who you think should be at second base. Thanks for stopping by… GO O’S!!



  1. jamie

    Im hoping that Schoop forces his way onto the team with a monster spring training. You are so smart, talented and
    passionate keep up the great work Sydney.

  2. Bob Hudak

    Hey Sydney, I too, believe that second base is flaherty’s to lose. Casiila is going to make the team as a utility player. I think Jemile Weeks and J. Schoop are headed to Norfolk. Good stuff. I especially enjoyed your interview with Buck and DD.

  3. Mimi

    I can’t give my opinion,since I really don’t know the players……but I sure am learning a lot from your blogs! Keep up the good work.

  4. Robert Hudak

    Sydney..Through your writing I have learned much about the O’s. I think they will give the Yankees , Redsox and the Rays much trouble this year. Hopefully the starting pitchers will hold up . By the way, my favorite 2nd baseman was Joe Gordon of the 1948 Cleveland Indians!!!!!!! Grandpa

  5. Terri Hudak

    I vote for Sam Hudak from Walkersville High School! lol – not sure who to pick her Syd, for I don’t know any of these players 🙂 I will keep following your updates! Love you, Aunt Terri

  6. Dave and Jean

    Sydney, we just found your blog. A gentleman I we met at the Publix wrote down the address and seemed awfully proud of it. We really like what you have written. I think you are right about 2nd base. Flaherty knows the team and looks good. We are looking forward to a great season. Jean ( lifelong Os fan ) and Dave

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