“Catching” up with… Chris Hoiles

Thanks to my Aunt Terri, I got the chance to talk with Chris Hoiles. Chris Hoiles was the Oriole’s catcher from 1989 to 1998. Chris is an instructor at the Gold Glove Academy, a place where kids learn how to improve their baseball and softball skills. I interviewed him and I wanted to show you some of the questions and answers of my interview:

What do you enjoy most about Gold Glove Academy? ( a place he works)
“I think what I enjoy most about it is helping people, and helping kids with lessons. I do quite a few catching lessons, and hitting lessons and just helping kids get better. I enjoy kids coming in wanting to get better and work and just meeting new people.”

Did you have a favorite pitcher to catch for and why?
“Mike Mussina. Mike knew what he was doing. He knew how to pitch and hit his spots very well. He had a lot of different pitches that he could throw for strikes and was fast, which made my job easier!”

During your playing days, What did you like best about being catcher?
” I think the biggest thing is just being a ball player and being involved in every play. Being a catcher you can call every play. Your catching the ball, and throwing the ball, you got to know the hitters, you have to know your pitcher. There’s a lot of strategy that goes into the game, and I think from a catchers position your involved with almost every single aspect of it.”

What was your most memorable at Camden Yards?
” Probably be the ultimate grand slam I hit vs. the Seattle Mariners. We were down by three runs, and it was the bottom of the ninth, and there was 2 outs and I was able to hit a grand slam to win the game.”

Chris actually asked me what I liked about playing catcher (as I did on my team last year) and I told him that I liked catcher because it had the most action.

Chris Hoiles was a great player and I hope every young catcher will follow in his footsteps. Thanks for stopping by… Go O’s!!





  1. Aunt Laurie

    Cool interview! I would like to know how his knees are doing after crouching in the catcher stance for years.

  2. Dawn

    Great job Sydney! I remember Chris Hoiles from when I was a kid. Really enjoyed reading this interview. Keep up the good work!

      • Terri Hudak

        Awe you are welcome Sydney! I’m glad Chris was able to help you out. My friend Julie who used to play for the Heartbreakers saw my post about you on Facebook and she offered to reach out to Chris, her boss! I’m glad the interview went well! Chris was one of my favorite players back in the day! But you know my favorite player now is the other Chris, Chris Davis! ha ha! Good luck being a catch Sydney! I remember when Samantha was playing catcher and in between games, they took time out to relax, eat and eat (ha ha), and she was playing catch before going in the game and she ran to get a ball in a wood pile…and with that, she must have gotten into a bees nest and a swarm of bees came out of the wood pile…and I’m sure you will guess what happened….yep, she was stung a LOT and then she had to go catch!!! She was very uncomfortable! Let’s say it wasn’t good day for Samantha! Good luck with your blog! I really enjoy reading it. Sorry for not writing you in awhile, I have been very busy at work. I’ll now go read your article in the Baltimore Sun…wow you are becoming a real star! Love you lots, Aunt Terri

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