My day as a professional Oriole reporter!

I had the most awesome day on Sunday! When I first got to the field my mom and I got to park in the player’s parking lot. Jeff Lantz, the Orioles’ media relations representative, escorted us into the media room and gave us special passes. I got to interview the equipment person and I learned a lot of cool things about that job. Then I met Brittany Ghiroli, the Oriole blogger for, who walked us to the press box. I really appreciated Brittany coming in on her day off to let me shadow her. She has taught me a lot and I admire her. Being with the media team was very cool because I walked right past fans and security with my special pass.

We had the best seats in the house, right behind home plate! The reporters get a lot of free food! When the game started I saw that most of the reporters were watching the game and writing stories at the same time. Brittany taught me how to keep score and she gave me lots of interviewing tips. Wei-Yin Chen was on the mound and he ended up pitching three great 3 innings. Because it is spring training, not the real season, we got to interview him right after he was done pitching. I asked him a question along with the other reporters. Since he could not speak English fluently, he spoke through his interpreter.

At the end of the game, which the Orioles won 9-2, we walked to the press room to listen to Buck’s post game talk. I asked him a couple of questions. Buck is always so friendly to me. He is really funny and he joked around with all the reporters and me! Over all I had a great day and learned a huge amount. I hope to do it again! Thanks for stopping by….
Go O’s!

Me and Brittany Ghiroli

Me in the press box!





  1. Mimi

    What a great day you had……making so many good memories. Great blog also……this has been quite an experience for you. Maybe journalism is in your future! Luv u,Mimi

  2. Matt Bouchard

    Wow, great blog! Although I am a Yankee fan, I enjoyed reading about your team! Keep up the great work and tell your Dad and Mom we say hello 🙂

  3. lisamazzuca

    I am glad Buck is a friendly man liked I pictured him to be! How many reporters are in the press box during the game? Do they wonder what you are doing there? Great blog!

  4. Mom Mom

    You had a really exciting day! And you handled it so well – like a seasoned professional. We are very happy for you and so proud of you! Go O’s!!

  5. Aunt Laurie

    What a great experience! You are one lucky girl. How cool to be hanging with the press corps and learning about their business. Good for you!

  6. Taylor

    Buck seems like the sweetest coach!!! Also…just a thought but you may have set the record for being the youngest reporter in the O’s press box 🙂 You have done great!

  7. Meg Levickas

    What an experience you are having. I’m completely jealous. Who is your favorite Oriole? Mine is Adam Jones and I can’t wait to see him on Opening Day. Have you met him? Keep on going! Meg (friend of your Aunt Lisa)

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