Without Machado…now what?

As we all know, third baseman Manny Machado hurt his knee last year against the Tampa Bay Rays. It looked very painful. Everybody is wondering if he will make it to opening day. From everything that I have read, I think he will not make it for opening day.

Is this bad for the O’s? We all want him back, but the Orioles are trying out some good third basemen to fill in his place. I think that Ryan Flahtery will play third just to fill in for Machado even though he is usually a second baseman. If Flahtery does not play second then I think Johnathon Schoop will play at second. Even though Schoop does not have a lot of experience he can hit very well and is always fast on his feet. The Orioles also have second basemen Jamile Weeks and Alexi Cassilla. Cassilla has more experience with the team, so he would be good. Weeks could be a good backup, because he has played in the majors. Weeks played last year with the Oakland Athletics.

We all hope that Manny gets better soon so that the O’s can get there ace defense again. What do you think the starting infield will be on opening day? Let me know and thanks for stopping by! Go O’s!


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