My Interviews With Dan and Buck…The Orioles Leadership!

Recently, I got to interview the Orioles manager, Buck Showalter and the general manager, Dan Duquette. They were very nice to me as I had a lot of questions to ask them. I wanted to show you their answers to my questions.

What’s the best advice anyone has given you as a manager/general manager?
– Buck, “Just be yourself and be honest with the players.”
– Dan, “I was trained by the great Oriole general manager, Harry Dalton. He put together the great Orioles teams from 1966 to 1971. His best advice to me was to find three really great starting pitchers!”

How do you keep the players motivated over such a long season?
– Buck, “You have to try and put yourself in their shoes as much as possible. You have to trust them (the players) as much as they’ll allow you. A lot of times that (their motivation) is evaluated long before we get them. We try not to bring on people to our team that aren’t motivated. If a player needs too much motivation, then they probably are not the right guy to start with. We spend some time with their moms and dads to see what we’re getting.”

Is there a team captain and if so, how are they chosen?
– Buck, “We don’t have one, but we feel like we have 25 of those (captains) instead of just one guy. If we took a vote though we’d probably have about five guys tied for it. We feel like everyone should be the captain of themselves first. I have been on teams that needed it, but this one doesn’t.”

What is the most fun about being a general manager?
– Dan, “The most fun is being around the players and helping them understand their jobs and to do their best. That’s the most fulfilling part.”

Do you first have to be a player or coach before becoming a general manager?
– Dan, “The road to becoming a general manager varies, but it can help if you played baseball as you then have a fundamental understanding of the game. Some have played ball professionally and others have maybe gone to law school. It’s not absolutely required though.”

After spending time with both Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter, I think the Orioles have two really good and fun leaders! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Go O’s!



A Great Day With The O’s!

Wow, what a great day today! It was my first official visit to work at the Orioles’ spring training facility here in Sarasota. The day started at 7:30am. I arrived and began seeing players come through the door (Ubaldo Jimenez, Suk-Min Yoon, Alexi Casilla, Tommy Hunter and many more). I set up my computer in the media room with all of the other reporters from The Baltimore Sun, and WBAL radio station (who cover the Orioles). Everyone was very nice and I will be writing more on my interviews with them later.

I was then told I could go out to the practice field and watch the team stretch, do drills and some situational fielding (like yelling “I got it” during a pop fly!). Before that however, I had the awesome experience of interviewing Buck Showalter, the O’s manager. He was so cool and very nice to me. He answered my questions and took a photo with me. After interviewing Buck, I interviewed Dan Duquette, the O’s general manager. He was very nice to me also and took my dad and I into the equipment room and sized us up for official Oriole ball caps! I wish that was my room!

Finally, I got to see the players take live BP and to work on improving their fielding skills. When we got done watching batting practice, I was introduced to Tommy Hunter and he took time to answer my questions and was very nice. He has a great sense of humor. He said that he’s never been to Evie’s in Sarasota (my favorite place to watch O’s games and eat pizza), but said he and his wife will try it out. Cool!

Look for upcoming blogs from interviews that I conducted today…a lot of great advice and information.

All in all, it was a great day and I had a lot of fun with my favorite team! Thanks for stopping by my blog and GO O’s!


Vote On Your Favorite Oriole!

Thoughts On O’s Pitching Rotation…

On Wednesday, the Orioles signed Ubaldo Jimenez, who played last year for the Cleveland Indians, for $50million…wow, I could buy a lot of Orioles gear with that amount of money! I think this was a good signing because last year his ERA was 3.30 and had a strong finish to the season. Hopefully, he will turn out good for the Orioles and I predict he will be in the #2 spot behind Chris Tillman and before Wei-Yin Chen. I would say that Miguel Gonzalez will be #4 and Bud Norris will close out the rotation. The season is long and as we all know, the opening day rotation can be very different by the All-Star break. I’d like to see Dylan Bundy come back soon and I hope all the pitchers do well. Please comment and let me know what you think the rotation might look like on opening day! Thanks for stopping by and Go O’s!

Here at O’s central!


Yea! Today was my first visit to the Orioles offices at Ed Smith Stadium. Everybody was very friendly especially Mr. Jeff, who invited me back on Sunday for media day with the team. It was cool to see everyone dressed in Oriole attire, I wish I worked there! Looking forward to Sunday and will have more to blog soon!

Go O’s!


O’s spring is in the air!

Hi, my name is Sydney and I will be blogging during the Orioles spring training live in Sarasota.  My blogs will be about subjects that kids my age are interested in (but adults can read them too).  I hope you like them and I appreciate any of your comments.  Look for my first official blog soon…Go O’s!!